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With roots in Ayurveda and the Eastern medical arts, we focus our work on nourishing and cultivating your inner Soma -- the essence of your strength, immunity, beauty, and vitality. Using customized blends of organic medicated oils and carefully balanced skincare formulations, our therapies support healthy detoxification and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit to bring forth your natural radiance. 

Our Ayurvedic approach to health takes three factors into consideration: your individual constitution, the season, and your environment.  Vata -- the wind element -- often becomes out of balance for those of us living in dry, windy Colorado, and may manifest as skin dryness, insomnia, anxiety, joint pain, and restlessness, among other symptoms.   Our rejuvenating oil therapies are especially powerful strategies for soothing vata and bringing the body and mind into balance.

From rejuvenation arises longevity, good memory, wisdom, health, youth, lustrous complexion, excellence of voice, strength of the body and senses of the highest order, power of speech, respect and beauty.
— Charak Samhita Chikitsasthana I. 7-8



Discover how Ayurvedic medicine can enhance and support your life. Meet with Heather Marie, Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, for a health consultation to assess your constitution and to receive guidance on how to improve existing health conditions. Ayurvedic medicine provides a powerful preventative health care plan that aligns body, mind & spirit with the rhythms of the natural world.

Improve your digestion. Increase your immunity. Learn personalized practices to create a more balanced lifestyle. We look forward to meeting you.

45 mins | $75



Soma Mountain’s facial uses organic Ayurvedic herbal products and traditional marma point massage to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate.  We design your treatment based on your skin type, and nourish your skin to illuminate its natural beauty.   We cleanse, exfoliate, extract, tone, massage, and moisturize.  

Microneedling may be added to an Ayurvedic facial.  For microneedling, we numb the face with a mild anesthetic and use fine point needles to stimulate collagen production.  A series of micro needling treatments revitalizes aging skin and can dramatically improve the skin's texture.

75 mins  |  $90

Microneedling add-on  |  $125



A Japanese-style acupuncture session featuring fine and gentle needles, manual therapies including shiatsu & tuina, moxibustion, and cupping.  Herbal therapy, movement/exercise guidance, and dietary & lifestyle recommendations may also be given.  These traditional techniques have proven benefits for restoring the body and mind’s natural homeostatic functions.  Acupuncture is a complete medical system of its own, and has been shown to help with pain, fertility, digestion, fatigue, head injuries, depression, high blood pressure, and sleep, among others.

For a more complete list of conditions treated by acupuncture, please check the World Health Organization’s list of diseases and symptoms for which acupuncture has proven beneficial. 

Ashley now offers acupuncture at Element 6 Boulder on East Pearl. You may book with her online, or call 720-989-1513.



A traditional, relaxing Ayurvedic oil treatment using gentle strokes and stimulating massage to pacify the wind element and to target the lymphatic system.   An efficient lymphatic system is vital for maintaining a healthy immune system, but often becomes overburdened through improper diet, environmental pollutants, lack of movement, and aging.  Proper lymph flow also helps drain toxins from the brain while sleeping.   Cleansing and nourishing the lymphatic system is one of the pillars of good health, detoxification, optimal cognition, and rejuvenation -- and is an important part of an Ayurvedic daily routine.  Classically, abhyanga is performed by two therapists moving in unison, allowing the receiver to drop into a deeply relaxed state. We recommended adding the Svedana (aromatic steam) treatment onto your abhyanga.

Some of the benefits of abhyanga (pronounced ah-bee-awn-ga):

  • balances the body’s doshas

  • decreases the effects of aging & increases longevity

  • softens & smooths the skin

  • benefits sleep

  • moves and drains lymph

  • improves circulation

  • lubricates the joints

  • boosts brain lymph drainage

  • relaxes the nervous system

  • stimulates the internal organs of the body

  • nourishes the body’s skin and tissues

  • enhances the immune system

90 mins 1 practitioner  |  $125

60 mins 2 practitioners | $160 (Offered only on Friday mornings & Saturdays)



A traditional streaming of warm oil over the third eye, forehead, and scalp.  A deeply relaxing therapy for the mind and nervous system, shirodhara (pronounced sheer-oh-dara) allows the receiver to enter a profound state of consciousness that helps to relieve insomnia, headaches, hypertension, hair loss, asthma, PTSD, stress, and anxiety, among other conditions.  Our medicated oils penetrate the tissues of the scalp to help with inner cranium circulation and to assist the brain's lymphatic (glymphatic) system in its detoxification processes.  We finish by massaging the scalp and oiling the ears and nasal passages.  Shirodhara clarifies and awakens the intellect, builds ojas or vitality, improves memory, and rejuvenates the senses.

The effects of shirodhara are best experienced through a series of treatments.

75 mins  |  $90



An Ayurvedic herbal steam bath that loosens toxins, balances doshas, and releases emotional stress from the deep tissues of the body.  Svedana (pronounced svay-dah-nah) is performed after Abhyanga to help the oils penetrate the body’s tissues and deliver herbal medicine to your cells.

30 mins  |  $50



Abhyanga + Shirodhara + Svedana  

Experience this essential trio of Ayurvedic therapies to maintain health and balance in the body.  This can be done just one time for a blissful experience or could be scheduled in a series to receive greater benefits.

180 mins with two practitioners  |  $300 (Offered only on Friday mornings & Saturdays.)

195 mins with one practitioner  |  $265



For concentrated nourishment, warm medicinal oils are retained by a ring of dough placed over a chakra or region of the body.   Common areas for dough basti include the eyes, heart, kidneys/adrenals, and low back.  Dough Basti may be booked as a singular therapy or performed during Panchakarma.

75 mins  |  $75




An ancient practice of detoxification, transformation, and rejuvenation.  This takes place over a number of days under the care of our pracitioners.  Panchakarma includes a cleansing diet, abhyangashirodharasvedana, enema, meditation, yoga nidra, mantra, as well as a careful re-patterning of lifestyle habits to induce natural circadian rhythms.  Panchakarma can be performed as a deep seasonal cleanse to promote health and longevity or as a way of targeting a present undesired condition of the body or mind.  This is a beautiful process that requires dedication and commitment between both receiver and practitioner. It is followed by a period of rejuvenation that is crucial to the safety and efficacy of the practice.  Panchakarma is an essential practice in Ayurvedic medicine to promote a long healthspan.  

We currently offer 5-day Panchakarma retreats.  Please call for a free Panchakarma consultation & for pricing.



Postpartum abhyanga supports hormonal balance, encourages healthy lactation, reduces pain, and helps new mothers with rest, relaxation, and sleep.  It is a deeply nourishing oil treatment that regulates the body's natural rhythms after the incredible transformation of birth. 

90 minutes  |  $90